Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Apple rhubarb mini pies & permablitz urban gardening

Tonight's activity was baking pies, pies and more pies...and then mini pies...we had loads of organic apples, fresh rhubarb from the garden, organic flour we just picked up from nearby Oak Manor a great rainy evening activity, and the mini pies were a perfect wind-down activity for our little one to help with just before bedtime.  Come sample these, among other delectable baked goods, at our Seedling Sale, this Saturday morning (May 21).  All you gardeners will need proper nourishment before heading home to plant your seedlings you know! 

Speaking of urban gardening, we'd like to see a "permablitz" (permaculture) movement happening here in our city.  There is an article in the latest Urban Farm magazine describing this community-based permaculture gardening effort.  The idea is to create a day where several people (friends, neighbours, fellow gardeners, etc) get together to transform yards into edible landscapes for each other, trading skills and labour in a kind of informal barter system.  In the process, there is learning/teaching about permaculture and sustainable living, socializing, and fun. 

Apple Rhubarb Mini Pies

You will need:
Your favourite pie dough recipe (enough for 6 pies) - spelt, whole wheat

5 cups chopped apples and rhubarb (or berries, etc)
2 cups organic sugar
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup cornstarch
dash cinnamon
pinch sea salt

1) Form pie dough into a large ball and chill for several hours.  Then cut ball into two halves.  Roll each half into a large even square on a lightly floured surface.  Cut into 16 small squares. 
2) Fill each small square with 1-2 Tbsp apple filling.  Fold corners up, using water brushed on the edges to seal a firm seam. 
3) Bake on lightly oiled baking sheet for about 25 minutes, in 400F oven.  Makes 32 mini pies.

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