Thursday, May 26, 2011

Natural Rhubarb Soda

Here's another old favourite recipe for this time of season - we love making natural fruit sodas using these syrups as the base.  Similar to the dandelion syrup just mentioned in the previous post, here is a simple rhubarb syrup.  It can be modified to use other berries, herbs, edible flowers, other fruit, or combinations.  The syrup can also be made with maple syrup, agave, honey, stevia, and other sugar replacers.  Enjoy!  
Rhubarb Syrup
1 1/2 cups fresh rhubarb, chopped
1 1/2 cups water
1 cup organic sugar

Bring rhubarb, water and sugar to a boil.  Let simmer for 15 minutes until syrup is bright pink.  Cool.  Strain well.  Then bottle in glass jars or bottles.  Store in refrigerator until use.  This syrup can also be frozen, or canned for longer shelf life.  For use, take 1/4 cup syrup per glass, top with sparkling water, then add lemon slices, lime slices, fresh berries, ice cubes, or mint sprigs as garnish.


  1. This sounds delicious! I'm saving this so I can make some next summer, when my rhubarb is of a usable size. Sadly, the crown I had died in the frost, so have replaced it, but, it's just a baby this year. Still, who knows, it might get bigger!
    This is my first ever garden, it's all rather learn-as-I-go for me.

    Kind regards, Kitty

  2. If you are doubling the recipe cut down on the sweetener. I used three cups rhubarb, one cup sugar and a half cup of maple syrup and it turned out a little sweet. I would have liked to taste more rhubarb.Very good though!