Thursday, March 13, 2008

Raj Patel

Yesterday evening Wordsworth Books hosted author and activist Raj Patel to discuss his new book "Stuffed & Starved". Raj looks at the inequity of the global food distribution system, and calls for local action - saying we just cannot keep on eating the way that we are if we, and the planet, are to survive. Raj was also interviewed on CBC's The Hour - see excerpt here and follow the link to watch/listen to his interview live:

Raj Patel

Okay, it's no secret we're getting fatter. Obesity, especially in North America, is soaring. But just how fat are we?

Well, think about this. One billion people around the world are overweight. That's a pretty staggering number. So is this - 800 million people go to bed each night, hungry. And yet, we're making more food than ever. So, why is it happening?

Well, the easy answer is - blame the rich. And by that, I mean wealthy countries. We eat too much, we waste too much, and generally, we enjoy it too much to change. But Raj Patel says it's not that simple. Raj has a new book, it's called 'Stuffed and Starved.' He says a small group of corporations control 40 per cent of the world food trade. Obviously, those corporations want to make money. So, according to Raj, they exploit poor farmers around the world.

To hear this interview on CBC radio go to "Raj Patel on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos" at:

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