Thursday, March 13, 2008

Song written for Little City Farm

February has been a busy month at our B&B and we've had many wonderful guests come to stay with us! It seems that as with any business, it just takes a bit of time for the word to get around and the business to establish itself. This reinforces that it's the right decision to build the strawbale addition to our house this summer, to keep this business growing and provide an increased facililty for our guests.

Most of our guests leave a little message in our guestbook, and many have said incredibly beautiful things that both humble us and encourage us to keep living in the way that we are. The latest guest, a visitor from North Carolina, also happened to be a dulcimer builder and player. We heard him practicing music upstairs each evening, and it was very lovely to have this gentle sound floating through our house. He carried his long flat handmade dulcimer in an old rifle case, and in his words this was the only "proper use" to ever us a gun case for! As a farewell, he wrote a simple little song about our place and sang it for us - here are the words.

A black squirrel runs above the chicken house,
at Little City Farm.
I awoke from a peaceful sleep,
Feeling rested and warm.

Fresh fruit nestled in a wooden bowl,
Fair trade coffee steaming...
Country living in the middle of town,
at Little City Farm.

The hectic city has a rustic setting,
cultivating peace.
At Little City Farm,
cultivating peace, cultivating peace.

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