Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Locavore Meal a delectable experience!

On Sunday (May 4) we held the first "Local Community Dinner" featuring a menu based solely around locally grown and produced foods. The meal was organized by the Locavore KW group, who volunteered their time to plan, promote, source produce, cook the meal, serve, host and clean up! A HUGE thank you to the group, as well as all the volunteers who helped out to make this event a great success!

The meal sold out at 125 dinner guests, with very little promotion and only about 2 weeks notice. We will need to find a larger venue for the next time, (and there will be a next time!) as there is certainly a growing interest in our local community around celebrating and eating "100 mile" meals such as this.

Even for May, which is one of the leanest months for sourcing local foods (end of fall root crop season, and not yet starting new spring crops)...the menu was delicious! We were especially pleased to find local greenhouse grown tomatoes, cucumbers and GREEN BEANS! Wow - what a treat. Here' s the menu:

Organic Bread - Vegan

Golden Hearth Baking Co., Kitchener

Whole wheat, spelt & foccacia breads made with organic, locally milled grains

Greek Salad - Vegan

Tomatoes & Cucumbers.

Martin's Family Fruit Farm, Waterloo

Red Onion & Garlic

Cleason & Elmeda Weber, Hawkesville

Mozzarella Cheese (optional)

Oak Grove Cheese, New Hamburg

Maple Glazed Tempeh - Vegan

Tempeh made with locally grown soybeans

Henry’s Tempeh, Kitchener

Maple Syrup

Norman Bauman, Maplecrisp Orchard, Elmira

Roasted Seasonal Vegetables - Vegan


Oscar Lutz, Woolwich St., Waterloo

Green Beans

Floralane Produce, Elmira

Carrots, Garlic, Red Onions & Parsnips

Cleason & Elmeda Weber, Hawkesville


Orchard Hill Produce, Elmira

Three Fruit Crisp - Vegan

Empire Apples

Martin's Family Fruit Farm, Waterloo

Raspberries & Rhubarb

Nauman's Fresh From the Farm Market, St. Clements

Organic Soft Whole Wheat & Rolled Oats

Perry Reibling, Oak Manor Farms, Tavistock

Organic Ice Cream

Mapleton’s Organic Dairy, Moorefield

Apple Cider

John Reimer, Cambridge

Produce was sourced through Elmira Produce Auction

(Growers usually Old Order Mennonite within 80 km)

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