Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Seedling Sale Success!

The 6th annual seedling sale was a great success! Thanks to everyone who came out, helped set up, bought seedlings, tasted baked goods, toured the gardens, took part in the workshop, ate picnic lunches, played with our dog, and

generally created a vibrant community event for our neighbourhood! We lost track of counting, but estimated that more than 200 people came by during the morning. The long row of bicycles, baby strollers and vehicles up and down the street, and our depleted flats of seedlings can attest to the fact that this was one of our busiest public days ever. We are so inspired to meet so many people in this community who are excited about organic heirloom plants, and to know that gardens will be flourishing around town with our happy green striped tomatoes, yellow cherries, purple basil, herbs, melons, and more!

A huge thank you also to Angie Koch who led a highly informative workshop on biointensive gardening (i.e. how to garden more productively in small spaces). We heard many great reviews for the workshop and all the wealth of information that people took away from it. We will definitely run this event again next May 24.

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