Monday, June 30, 2008

SPIN Farming

On the note of small scale urban farming, similar to what we do here, there is a very creative intiative that's been set up called SPIN Farming. SPIN offers new approaches to replace traditional large scale farming which is not working.

SPIN stands for S-mall P-lot IN-tensive

SPIN is a non-technical, easy-to-learn and inexpensive-to-implement farming system that makes it possible to earn significant income from land bases under an acre in size. Whether you are new to farming, or want to farm in a new way, SPIN can work for you because:

  • Its precise revenue targeting formulas and organic-based techniques make it possible to gross $50,000+ from a half- acre.
  • You don't need to own land. You can affordably rent a small piece of land adequate in size for SPIN-FARMING production.
  • It works in either the city, country or small town.
  • It fits into any lifestyle or life cycle.

SPIN is being practiced by first generation farmers because it removes the two big barriers to entry - land and capital - as well as by established farmers who want to diversify or downsize, as well as by part-time hobby farmers.

The SPIN website offers learning resources, photos, manuals, testimonials, and lots of useful information on how to become a SPIN farm. Check out:

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