Thursday, September 18, 2008

Documenting Strawbale Addition - 4

Roof is on, Straw is coming!

We've finished the steel roof (so the addition is now dry!) which is excellent for collecting rainwater, and Greg has completed all the framing and window bucks in preparation for filling in the strawbale walls. The electrician is here today setting in any wiring that's needed, which has to be done before the walls are closed in with the straw. The rest of this week includes floor preparations (i.e. insulating and laying radiant heat piping), and then we'll be picking up the bales on Saturday from a nearby farm! Finally!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the warm dry weather holds out for a few more weeks. The nights have already been cold, which is not so bad for doing the wall plastering as that allows slower drying (and less cracking which could happen in hot summery weather). However, dampness is not good as we do need the walls to cure/dry before we can put the second coat on, and definitely before we can move in for the winter.

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