Thursday, September 11, 2008

Garden bounty

Tomato photo: includes yellow pear, yellow plum, orange cherry, sweetie cherry, moneymaker, cherokee purple, green zebra, mennonite orange, jeune flamme, early girl, ground cherry and tomatillo.

Edible flower photo: includes spearmint, peppermint, chocolate mint, oregano, nasturtium, lavender, calendula, marigold, anise hyssop, sage, fennel, thyme, evening primrose, bergamot, violet, pansy, feverfew, yarrow.

September is a glorious month! Our garden is just past it's peak, but the harvest is still going strong. Every day I gather armloads of zucchini, and baskets of tomatoes, beans, hot peppers, lettuce, chard, kale, cucumbers, eggplant, basil and other herbs. I've dug up carrots, garlic, beets and potatoes. I'm collecting seeds to be saved and stored for planting again next spring. I'm preparing our cold frames for planting new seeds of chard, kale, mesclun, lettuces and Asian greens which will be ready for a satisfying early spring harvest. Here are photos of an assortment of our heirloom tomatoes (back in May we wrote about our annual Seedling Sale, where we had 15 varieties of tomatoes - many heirloom variety - for sale), and a selection of edible flowers.

We did a little survey of our property (gardens, as well as yard spaces) and came up with this tally of what we are producing on this property:
* 50+ kinds of vegetables
* 100+ varieties of culinary & medicinal herbs (see next post)
* 8 varieties of berries & grapes (raspberry, strawberry, black currant, gooseberry, chokecherry, blueberry, mulberry, grapes)
* 8 varieties of tree fruit (2 pears, 1 Italian plum, 3 apples, 2 cherry)
* 20+ kinds of edible flowers. It's an encouragement to see what can be produced, with minimal effort, on a small 1/3 acre property!

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