Sunday, October 26, 2008

Documenting Strawbale Addition - 7

Weather is turning much much colder, with several nights that have seen frost by now and days that are barely over zero degrees C. We've decided that we won't finish plastering the outside of the strawbale addition this year - if the weather is cold like this it would be difficult to get the plastering done well, with chances of it not drying properly, or cracking, and then having to redo the work in the spring. We can wrap the house with ty-par paper and open this up again in the spring when the weather is warm and we have renewed energy to do this work again!

As for the interior, we've now finished the two coats base plaster and are moving to the finish coat. We could tint the top coat, or paint over with clay or milk-based paints, or simply finish with a lime wash as the traditional natural white. I think we'll opt for this, as it will create a bright interior where light bounces off the walls and reflects the sun coming from the three large south-facing windows. We've installed windows and doors, insulated, and set up lights so we can work after dark (which comes early these days!). Still left to do: floor work, ceiling woodwork, some drywall on the vestibule, window & door trim, tiling the new bathroom and installing fixtures (including our clawfoot tub!), getting plumbing work done, and hooking up the electricity. May sound like quite a long list, but given everything that has come before, this actually feels very manageable. We have several friends who have experience with strawbale work who are now helping on a part-time basis, so this is moving us ahead in great leaps. We are still hopeful to move in before Christmas.

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