Thursday, December 04, 2008

Final Shiitake Mushroom Harvest

We had forgotten about our mushroom logs and thought they were done fruiting for the season. Looked at them in passing the other day, and couldn't believe our eyes - the size of those mushrooms was incredible! Never seen shiitakes so huge. They photos don't do them justice - that's a Tablespoon and the largest kitchen knife we have. This one mushroom could have fed a family for a week (but we indulged and finished them in two delectable meals). Well, we did a little more reading about the logs and realized that the mushroom harvest is actually best done in the fall, so we'd been harvesting too early all along. Just imagine the quantity of mushrooms we could have had if we had waited. They were so delicate in texture, so delicious just falling off the fork after they had been marinated with a little tamari and garlic, and then lightly fried in olive oil. Oohh, can't wait to see the next years harvest (we'll wait for fall next time!).

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