Monday, February 23, 2009

Herbal Shares at Little City Farm

We're excited to offer the local herbal shares again this year. This is a similar model to the vegetable CSA (community supported agriculture) which is becoming more common in most North American cities, as people are striving to eat more locally and support small farms nearby.

The herbal share offers locally grown herbs made into herbal preparations (teas, tinctures, salves, bug-spray, cough syrup, soap), with several choices for members to customize their share to the needs of their household. The package provides a simple remedy kit for use during the winter months, and each product has clear instructions as to proper use. We grow most of the herbs at Little City Farm, and we are dedicated to organic practices including maintaining fertile soil, using organic seed, and organic pest management practices. We are also members of Canadian Organic Growers and Seeds of Diversity, and teach herbal workshops throughout the season. We believe in passing on this herbal knowledge to our community so it's not lost - one of our models is "let food by your medicine, and medicine be your food", and so try to teach ways to incorporate herbs and wild edibles into our every day meals and living.

Here are more details about the 2009 Herbal Shares - we are currently taking registrations:

Local Herbal Medicine Share 2009

We all know the value in supporting local food.

Now, consider supporting local natural herbals!

Participate in the Little City Farm herb project this season by purchasing a home herbal medicine share. Shares are purchased in the spring, which allows us to know how many herbs to grow & harvest throughout the season. The completed herbal kit is delivered to you in the fall. All herbs are grown with natural and organic methods, and harvested at the peak of their season by hand. Herbal preparations are made carefully, by hand, in small batches. Each local herbal medicine share includes seven natural preparations that will enhance the well-being of you and your family. Instructions included will answer questions about how to use each product.

What’s included in your local herbal share:

· 1 package Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea (aprox. 40 grams – makes about 10 pots of tea) – Please select one of the following:

___Winter Flu Fighter (including hops, mullein, fennel, sage & coltsfoot for coughs, colds and sore throats)

___After Dinner Tea (including peppermint & fennel for aiding the digestive system)

___Less Stress Tea (including lemon balm & chamomile for calming nervous system, aiding sleep)

___Womens’ Tea (including nettle & raspberry leaf, rich in iron & calcium, & for aiding PMS)

· 2 oz. bottle of Herbal Tincture – Please select one of the following:

___Rosehip Tincture (for colds, flu & aiding arthritic conditions)

___Lemon Balm Tincture (for aiding sleep, nervousness & anxiety)

___Red Raspberry Leaf Tincture (for toning women’s reproductive & hormonal system)

___Echinacea Tincture (for colds, flu & boosting the immune system)

· 4 oz. jar All-Purpose Healing Salve (including calendula & comfrey for healing cuts, wounds, scrapes, burns)
· 4 oz. bottle of Natural Bug Off Spray (with citronella, lemon & rosemary for warding off pesky mosquitoes)
· 1 oz. bottle of Migraine Wonder Oil (including lavender & rosemary for alleviating migraines & headaches)
· 2 oz. bottle of Sage Cough Syrup (for soothing coughs & sore throats)

· 1 large bar Calendula Soap (renowned for soothing dry skin, gentle soap that’s safe for children)

Payment & Delivery:
· Order your share by April 30, 2009 by contacting Karin at:
· Cost is $75/share, paid by cash or cheque at time of ordering. 100% Barter for BW Members
· Receive your local home herbal medicine kit by end of September 2009
· For delivery/shipping please add $10. Free shipping if picked up at Little City Farm, Kitchener.

To Order & How to Pay:
Send this order form to: 508 Duke Street W, Kitchener, ON N2H 3Y8 / email:
Please make cheques payable to Karin Kliewer.

Karin Kliewer of Homestead Herbals is a certified Master Herbalist. She believes in the "community herbalist" model, using locally-grown medicinal plants from her own gardens to share herbal knowledge with her local community.

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