Friday, March 06, 2009

Bullfrog Power - Choosing Green Energy

We've signed up for Bullfrog Power, a clean green renewable energy provider! We have been meaning to do this switch from our regular energy provider for quite some time, so we're happy to have finally logged onto their site and registered. We were not unhappy with the service by our local provider, and if they too offered a green renewable source we would have been fine to stay with them. At this point Bullfrog is the renewable source available to us and we are glad to have this option. Just to give an idea of what this means: in Ontario, Bullfrog uses a mix of 20% wind, and 80% certified low-impact hydro; whereas the system mix uses only 1% wind, 2 % low-impact hydro, and 39% nuclear, 37% coal, oil, and gas, and 21% other hydro.

Here's a quick excerpt from their website -

Bullfrog sources power exclusively from generators who meet or exceed the federal government's Environmental Choice Program EcoLogoM standard for renewable electricity. Our power comes from clean, emission-free sources like wind power and low-impact water power instead of carbon-intensive sources like coal.

Conventional electricity production is among the largest industrial sources of carbon dioxide, a primary greenhouse gas that is linked to climate change. Electricity production is also a major source of pollutants including nitric oxide, sulphur dioxide, mercury and particulates that contribute to poor air quality and smog conditions.

When you sign up for Bullfrog Power, you are supporting clean, renewable electricity producers who are displacing polluting and carbon-intensive electricity production on the grid. It’s a great way to support a cleaner, sustainable energy future.

Bullfrog is committed to increasing the amount of green power on our regional electricity grid systems in Canada by helping to develop new renewable generation facilities. Several new turbines have been commissioned in Canada to meet the needs of bullfrogpowered homes and businesses. So when you make the choice to support Bullfrog Power, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re helping to advance the development of renewable power in your region.

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