Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seedling Starting Workshop

This week has been a whirlwind of activity around the homestead - must be the onset of spring...

Our homesteading workshop this month was on starting seedlings - the workshop, held last Saturday, was widely popular with more than 30 people crowding into our kitchen to learn the finer points of starting their own seedlings! Good to see several old friends, and many new faces at this event. Angie Koch, of Fertile Ground CSA, provided lots of anecdotes from her farming experience and useful information on seeds, soil and seedling needs to get everyone equipped and inspired for getting their gardens started indoors. Thanks to everyone for being so accomodating about the full house - but we just didn't want to turn people away. We'll consider holding this workshop outside or in a larger space next season - it's great there is such appreciation and interest in growing our own food in the city.

Speaking of local food, the Bailey's Local Foods project has recently been formed into a non-profit. Nina (and now Rachael as well) will be supplying aproximately 300 families with 100-mile foods, everything from produce, to bread, to cheese, to eggs, to preserves! Wow! This is such a worthwhile business venture, and a gift to us who wish to eat 100-mile but don't have time to do all the background research into sourcing out quality farmers and suppliers! Nina is currently taking registrations - it's a $20 annual membership fee, and you can conveniently order weekly, monthly, or occasionally, as needed. Check out:

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