Thursday, April 30, 2009

Green Goods & Homesteading suppliers

Just got the latest Berry Hill Farm catalogue in the mail today. This store (both online and in-person) features hand-powered, country living, and sustainability goods, as well as various homesteading supplies for the hobby farm, the garden, the kitchen and otherwise. It's not as extensive as the Lehman's Hardware in the US (which caters to the Amish community and has an outstanding selection of non-electric goods), but it much more local (near London, Ontario). The catalogue features a full array of goods for the urban (or rural) homestead - everything from handcrank grainmills & pasta makers, to Pioneer Maidwood cookstoves, solar powered radios to garden tools, canning sets, maple syrup supplies, beekeeping supplies, egg brooders and yogurt makers, to cast iron cookware like pots, pans and waffle irons. We'll be browsing this catalogue, making a few selections - maybe we'll finally splurge on a handcrank icecream maker as we plan to make our own icecream later this summer to celebrate Maya's first birthday.

Find more info on various hand-powered, sustainable living and eco supplies at:

Berry Hill Fam -
Mother Earth News -
Peddler's Wagon(Green Goods for the Urban Homestead) -
Lehman's Hardware -
Lee Valley -
Real Goods (Solar and Renewable Energy Eco Household goods) -

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