Wednesday, April 08, 2009

spOtlight festival full workshop descriptions

Plants, Roots & Fibres: Natural Fibre Arts & Herbal Crafts
Sat, June 6 from 10 am-5 pm (final workshop starts at 4 pm)

Location: Little City Farm, 508 Duke St. W, Kitchener (near Duke & Waterloo St)
Pre-registration suggested (some workshops have limited space)
Dress for the weather as we will spend some workshop time outdoors.
To register contact Karin at: OR 519-575-9174

10 am – Natural Plant Dyes – with Karin Kliewer (

Learn to use common plants, roots, bark and berries (such as marigold, rhubarb, black walnut, and elderberry) for dyeing cotton, wool and silk fibres. During this workshop we will demonstrate the 5 stages of the natural dye process: washing the fibre, preparing the dye bath, the mordant process, the dyeing process, and rinsing & drying.

11 am – Spinning, Carding & Natural Fibres - with Nicole Ethier

This workshop will introduce participants to the craft of spinning using a spinning wheel. In addition to teaching the basics of spinning fibre into yarn, participants will learn about a variety of animal fibres and will receive a brief introduction to fibre preparation using a technique called hand carding.

1 pm – Wet-Felting - with Amaryah deGroot (

Learn how to turn unspun wool into flat felt pieces using hand felting techniques, soap, and water! The finished felt can be shaped and sewn into tea cozies, mitts, bags, embellishments, and more. Materials will be provided, as well as patterns for a variety of simple projects.

2 pm – Herbal Oils & Salves - with Heather Cain

Learn how to make infused herbal oil and an herbal salve with the “simpler’s method” used by traditional European herbalists. We will incorporate common and easy-to-grow plants, including “weeds” that are often considered garden pests. Making your own herbal remedies is an opportunity to connect with the healing energy of nature and to take responsibility for your own health.

3 pm – Cold-Process Soapmaking – with Karin Kliewer (

Learn the simple art of traditional cold-process soapmaking. In this workshop we will demonstrate how to blend a variety of vegetable-based oils with botanicals and pure essential oils, to create beautiful, long-lasting handmade soap that is rich in healthful therapeutic properties.

4 pm – Papermaking – with Misha Gingerich This workshop will teach people, through participation, the ancient craft of how to draw, couch and press a piece of paper using a mould and deckle. We will use pulp made from natural fibres and add dried botanicals for aesthetic value. Once paper is made, it can be used for other traditional crafts such as bookbinding and marbling.

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