Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring Greens Meal Today

It was a taste of spring today, that's for sure! The weather must have been 15C, sunny (even almost hot if you were digging in the garden, or working outside!). It seemed everyone in the whole neighbourhood was out - jogging, walking dogs, even mowing lawn, planting peas, listening to music, and just enjoying the outdoors again without winter coats and hunched shoulders to the wind. We had laundry drying out on the line, did a little spring cleaning in our barn, raked out the garden beds and uncovered our garlic tips (planted last fall, and just poking out of the ground now), put our fish back into the pond, took a long walk with our dog looking for signs of spring, and had a leisurely lunch outside on our patio.

A neighbour dropped by to inspect out coldframe grow tunnel, as she was in the process of building one today in her own backyard. We had planted greens in the coldframe last fall, and today was our first real harvest! Fresh dandelion greens, arugula, chives, cilantro and garlic shoots, which all went into a lovely pasta dish for lunch. The dish included these spring greens, local onions, mushrooms, and goat feta, Ontario hemp oil, our own sundried tomatoes, garlic and some dried herbs. Was it ever good - we've been craving greens and the season seems to be near! Over the next month or two it's also time to eat our way through the leftover strawberries, beans and peas in our freezer, and the last canned tomatoes, peaches and applesauce on our shelf, making space for the new foods to come.

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