Thursday, April 16, 2009

Transplanting Seedlings

We've spent the last few days transplanting our hundreds of tomatoes! We have over 600 tomato plants - a little crazy, but I couldn't resist trying all kinds of unique and familiar varieties - and our greenhouse will be filled to the brim with flats once these and the other herbs & veggies are all transferred into their larger pots ready for selling. With the weather being sunny and warm (15-18C) the greenhouse has been cooking - over 35C, hot and perfect for those tomatoes. At night the temperatures still dip down to 10C or so, but this is just the limit for the young seedlings to be alright. It's magical to walk into the greenhouse, which is a shimmering new green with rows and rows of plants, smelling earthy and warm, with the beds also filled with fresh greens for eating. We feel lucky to have this space and would definitely recommend a greenhouse or coldframe of some shape to any would-be urban (or of course non-urban) homesteader.

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