Monday, May 25, 2009

Farm Day - Planting the garden!

Busy day - but so lovely - it's 9:30 pm and we've just come in from all day planting out the seedlings that have been waiting since March and April. 22 kinds of tomatoes (2 large beds, and many many large containers), peppers, eggplants, 1 huge basil bed (5o plants for pesto!), rows of chard, carrots, radish, snow & snap peas, red fava beans, and more beds of bush and pole beans (french filet, cherokee cornfield, and more), 3 beds of lettuce, 2 beds of kale (green and red), plus potatoes sprouting in my 4x4 foot strawbale bed, 2 beds of onion sets a foot high, and one full bed of garlic getting ready to shoot up scapes, strawberry plants filled with green berries set to ripen, rhubarb ready for harvest, and the asparagus already almost finished. It's not June 21 yet, but feels like summer is here! Our meal today was a rich cream of sorrel & asparagus (from the garden) soup, made with the last cream from our raw milk and sprinkled with fresh garden chives. Divine!

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