Saturday, May 23, 2009

Seedling Sale SUCCESS!!

What an amazing, plant-filled, people-inspired day! We estimate we had more than 300 people come by to purchase seedlings today - more than 1500 seedlings were sold (not a single plant was left by 11:45!), and we wish all the city gardeners a super growing season as they move these seedlings into their new homes. It was great to meet so many wonderful people - many familiar faces and lots of catching up with friends, plus many new introductions and people who we hope to meet again at future seedling sales or other community events. We wished we would have had more time to talk with all of you! We were so inspired by all the enthusiasm for urban agriculture, homesteading, and urban sustainability from so many of you! We really felt like this event was not only about promoting urban gardening and the preservation of heritage varieties, but also about furthering community spirit. Thanks for all the patience everyone showed as they navigated through the crowds on our driveway, self-toured in our garden, and for all the help offered (Steve and Taarini for helping with seedlings, Tanya for taking a few photos for us, Jackie and Shawn for donating plants to the sale, and Mike & Julia for offering to help us run our till next year, and many others who offered to help next time!). Tomorrow we plant a few of our own seedlings into the garden and take a little time for rest...

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