Monday, August 31, 2009

Peach jam...

We had a guest staying in our B&B who was interested in participating in all aspects of our homestead while she was here. She mentioned being interested in making jam, as she had done this only once, years ago, and had forgotten how to do it. She was interested in "job shadowing" me while I worked in the kitchen. We had a half bushel of peaches that were in prime condition for jam making, so we made two batches of jam today. One was a peach-pear jam, the other a peach-lavender jam (made by adding a half cup of lavender infused tea into the jam while it was boiling). Mmm, the kitchen smelled amazing, especially with the lavender tea steeping. The lavender seemed like an unusal addition at first, but imparted such a subtle flavour, it was really quite unique and added to the delicious "summer" taste. Making jam was a relaxing way to spend time with our guest as we had lots of time to chat while working!

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