Friday, October 02, 2009

Blogged by Margaret Atwood!

Last week we were given a short mention on Margaret Atwood's blog, on the Globe and Mail website!

From the Globe and Mail website - Margaret Atwood's blog:
Margaret Atwood writes about her visit to Kitchener:

"At the special lunch, at which Mayor Carl Zehr was present – I don’t always get mayors! – and at which I got an earful about the need for better train connections to Toronto – anyone listening? -- I was given – Yes! – some organic coffee and a basket containing many organic treats, including some Homestead Herbals from Little City Farm, an Eco-Bed and Breakfast, and some honey from Knechtel Apiaries in Wellesley.

There was also a plantable wildflower bookmark from, a lovely tribute book about farmers (Keepers of the Land: Hiebert and Cripps), and a Buy Local, Buy Fresh map guide to local food in the area. Ironically, one of its sponsors is the Government of Canada, which at the moment is planning to close down all of its local-food-crucial prison farms under the pretense that the farming skills taught at them and thus by extension the food grown at them are “useless.” Listen to that, Keepers of the Land! Do I hear some growls? I certainly hope so! (Write to the Hon. Peter Van Loan and tell him you aren’t useless.)"

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