Sunday, January 24, 2010

Handmade Woolen Waldorf Animals Workshop!

Here are some quick photos of yesterday's Woolen Waldorf-inspired animals workshop. These animals are made of felted wool sweaters, and stuffed with 100% wool. It was a cozy house, filled to the brim with wonderful crafting women, busy with activity of artful sewing and animated conversation for 3 hours! It made me think of traditional sewing bees -perfect for a wintery day, and a popular way to kick off our 2010 workshop schedule. We even had more would-be participants on our waiting list, and hope to host another similar workshop again later in the fall. This session was led by Eve Geisler, of Eve's Little Earthlings. She has been making these kinds of natural toys for more than 10 years and had all kinds of tips and advice for making them look professional. Though they look small and simple, these animals take a surprising amount of skill and finesse to look just right!

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