Monday, February 01, 2010

Peace Cafe - building peace at the community level one cafe at a time

Recently Greg attended a conference (Global Citizen & Fair Trade conference, organized at the university), and happened to meet someone from Hamilton who is involved with a really interesting initiative called the Peace Cafe.

Peace Cafés are safe community spaces dedicated to developing a Culture of Peace at the community level through dialogue, conversation, workshops, and a library of peace resources along with wholesome food and drink options. Currently there are 3 primary locations - Hamilton (Ontario), San Francisco (CA), and Walkerton (Ontario). Numerous other movements to develop peace cafes in other communities (Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Victoria, Nelson) are underway.

Peace Cafe follows the six key principles of non-violence, based on Manifesto 2000 for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence ( For more details, resources, and a documentary on getting a peace cafe started in your own community go to:

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