Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Help! Do you have a power washer for our greenhouse??

Does anyone out there have a power washer they would like to loan us? We can offer a variety of things as a barter, including gardening help, seedlings, organic baked goods, handmade soaps, a night at our bed & breakfast, etc.

The reason we are putting this request out there, is that our greenhouse is in desperate need of a washing. As mentioned in an earlier post, the greenhouse sits directly below a huge black walnut tree - a beautiful tree in it's own right, but since the juglone in the roots does not allow much vegetation to grow under this tree we decided to put the greenhouse here rather than a garden. Seemed like a good idea, especially since this also allows the greenhouse to be south-facing. For about 8 years now we've had the greenhouse there, and slowly over time the window panels have been getting progressively stained by the dripping from the walnut leaves. Hmmm, should have thought of this, knowing that walnut leaves and hulls are used as a brown dye! Well, we didn't have much choice in location given the layout of this urban property. So now we are stuck with a greenhouse that either needs a power washer to clean up the panels and restore proper light levels to grow our seedlings, OR purchasing new panels. We'd like to avoid purchasing, if anyone knows of a power washer, please email us! littlecityfarm(@)

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  1. If you can't find one to borrow, you can rent them at home hardware, home depot, etc.