Saturday, May 22, 2010

8th Annual Seedling Sale!

We held our annual seedling sale today - and despite the drizzle and grey weather we were amazed by the fantastic crowds that showed up! Again, we were sold out in two hours, more than 2000 seedlings, baked goods (all 24 pies) and all! Speaks well of the huge interest in this community for a resurgence of the desire to grow food for ourselves, and not just that but heirloom and organic food. This is by far our favourite event of the year, and it's the 8th season we've held this sale. A huge thank you to our trusty volunteers Mike, Julia, Beth, Jana and Dave; our talented vendors/organic farmers Angie, Taarini and Sarah; and of course to all the wonderful customers who braved the rain to attend this sale and make is such a grand success! We only wish we would have had more time to talk to each of you - we wish everyone all the best for this gardening season ahead! Please come again next year - always the Saturday of the May long weekend. Next year we'll try to have fair trade organic coffee available for the early birds who waited patiently in line until we were ready to start our sale :)

And...please stay tuned for more details about our first annual fall harvest festival, which we hope to host here around the September equinox - including beekeeping demonstrations and a fall honey harvest celebration (with our beekeeping friend Sarah), preseves & pickle tasting, tasty fresh pies, wood-fired oven demonstrations, and some live bluegrass music in the backyard...

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