Wednesday, June 09, 2010

These past days - herb harvesting, first strawberries!

The humid warm weather and long damp rainy days has led to our earliest strawberries ever!  We've been enjoying them all week already - though our strawberry patches are small, planted as a kind of perennial permaculture-style edible groundcover under our fruit trees, they are abundant this year.  The apples on our old erab apple tree are also quickly ripening, and I shared the first red cherry off our tree with our daughter this morning.  We've also been eating garlic scapes, sorrel, spinach, lettuce greens, wild grape leaves (mmm), and fresh bunching onions from the garden.  Peas are shooting up, wee baby carrots are slivering their way through the soil, and of course copious amounts of wonderful rhubarb has made it's way into crisps, crumbles and cordials.  The herb harvest has begun for this season - including raspberry leaves, nettle, red clover, dandelion root, parsley, chives, oregano, mints, lemon balm, yarrow, feverfew, sage...It's amazing that it's only early June, we've barely planted the seedlings into the ground, and already so much abundance is all around us. It's been a busy stretch as we've reworked our entire garden, adding new raised beds, new mulch for paths, keyhole beds, and redigging and organizing the herb sections!  Whew!

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