Saturday, July 10, 2010

New comfrey healing salve

Just finished a custom order of  a pure comfrey healing salve - but it turned out to be such a beautiful salve that I think this is one I'm going to keep making in my regular line-up of herbal items for Homestead Herbals.  Comfrey has been used for generations to heal all manner of skin conditions, from eczema, to cuts, scrapes, burns and bruises.   It is also known as "knit bone" from it's reputed ability to help heal broken bones and sprains when applied regularily as a poultice.  It's somewhat of a wonder plant, and should be part of every urban garden (both for it's medicinal uses and also it's benefits to the compost pile, making compost tea, etc).  It grows wild in many urban areas and although it is often overlooked as a common weed, it should be given due respect.  Generally this plant is only to be used externally as there is some controversy among herbalists and other health practitioners about it's safety when taken internally.


  1. I love comfrey for healing and have a good story about its healing powers. As a teen , working in a kitchen, I sliced the tips of two fingers off. The other cook working with me was an herbalist- she ran into our garden at the restaurant and returned with comfrey leaves, bruising them in her hands as she brought them to me. She picked the tips of the fingers off of the board, and placed them back on the fingers, wrapped them in the leaves, and then gauze, and told me not to touch them for two days. When I unwrapped them, the tips were bound to my fingers, completely healed! The print of my finger pad remains slightly off track to this day, as a reminder of this event!

  2. I received this as a gift earlier this year and I have to say I love this stuff! It works great, is very pleasant, and smells so good I could eat it. Planning to order some as Christmas gifts!