Friday, July 02, 2010

A summer kind of quilt

Despite fullness of gardening tasks this time of year, I still like to keep working on a few personal crafting projects - I can do knitting or mending outside in the hammock, and sewing is something I can do with the door open to our back porch and a breeze blowing in.  I have had this beautiful organic fabric sitting around for two years just waiting to be sewn into a quilt or blanket.  It was destined for our daughter, but I just haven't had the time to work on it.  Now that she's a little older we are starting to work on crafting together.  When I sit at the sewing machine she often likes to ask for her knitting needles (the biggest sized bamboo needles with blunt ends I could find) and works away at winding and unwinding yarn while I sew.  These moments are bliss for me, as we quietly work side by side.  I am new to quilting but have been reading some great books to get inspired - one is Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, a great book filled with a wide range of small and larger projects (e.g. pencil case roll, market bag, pillows, baby blankets, quilts, etc).  The concept for this quilt is a combination of all kinds of ideas - Amish style "charm" squares as well as crazy quilting style uneven rows and blocks.   The fabrics are from Near Sea Naturals, including "enchanted forest", "tree rings" and "eyes of the world" (my personal favourite).  Our little one loves finding and naming all the woodland animals in the fabric panels, and I love all the shades of green and the soft silky organic cotton back.  The batting is an unbleached, natural wool quilt batting I found locally.  I think this summer quilting could become addictive, especially these small quilts for little people which are satisfying to make because they come together so quickly.

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