Thursday, August 05, 2010

Little City Farm B&B: 100-Mile food...wood-fired pizza, apricot custard tart, and yogurt-berry parfaits

We had a lovely couple from Ottawa staying at our B&B for their 4th wedding anniversary.  They were interested in our wood-fired pizza dinner for the evening, as well as our "100-mile breakfast" option for the morning meal.  I decided to do both meals using all locally sourced (within 100-mile radius) ingredients.  They also needed the food to be wheat-free, which was fine given that organic spelt flour is grown and milled not far from here - good sources are: Oak Manor Farms, Grassroots Organics EcoFarm, and Laepple Organic Farm!  Here's what we served (plus a few photos below):

Wood-fired pizza made with an organic spelt crust, homemade tomato-garlic sauce, loads of fresh garden zucchini, cherry tomatoes, green & purple basil and oregano, shiitake mushrooms from our logs, local organic mozzarella from Millbank Cheese

Tomato-cucumber salad with fresh chives, basil, sweet onions and green onions from Fertile Ground CSA, topped with edible nasturtium blossoms, Hempola hemp oil and Filsingers apple cider vinegar

For dessert, slices of sweet local organic watermelon from a friend's farm (the first this season!), and individual apricot-blueberry custard tarts (custard made with local organic milk, eggs from our backyard hens, and local maple syrup), baked on a spelt shortbread crust, topped with a dollop of local creme fraiche, a nasturtium and a mint sprig...the fruit was purchased through a local fruit co-op that sources no-spray and organic fruit from Niagara and delivers to this area each week

The 100-mile breakfast included our B&B "signature" yogurt-granola parfait (made with local organic yogurt - usually either Mapleton's or Pinehedge Farms), plus homemade oat-maple-hemp granola, and fresh blueberries and cherries...mmmmm

Sometimes we have faint dreams of opening a bakery or small cafe or tea house, but for now our bed & breakfast is the perfect opportunity to explore our culinary skills, delight in sourcing and showcasing local food, and find creative artful ways to use our burgeoning garden produce. I love the season of edible flowers, so I try to incorporate them where I can (salads, desserts, breakfasts...)

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  1. I'm in Ottawa and I can't find any Ontario apricots right now- organic or not. They must be in season- I'll have to keep looking. Also, that food sounds great! Maybe I'll come visit with my husband some time and you can have the challenge of making those local meals vegan!