Thursday, September 16, 2010

Celebrating the potential of urban bicycles!

In most cities, bicycle transportation is a simple, affordable alternative to decreasing our dependence on fossil fuelled transportation.  For the urban homesteader, a bicycle tends to become a key component, a necessary tool, an extension of self...If you google "bicycle transportation" you will find impressive photos of people around the globe transportating just about everything on bike - from huge sacks of grain, massive produce baskets brimming with food, to small livestock, furniture, and even entire families - the bicycle as we know it used in North America still has a lot more potential!  Looking up bicycle trailers and carts brings up equally exciting results - with people rigging up fantastic carriers, trailers, extensions, wagons, sidecars, front compartments, and more!  Here are just a few beautiful and creative examples - be inspired:

Here is a photo of bicycle adaptation in Peru, using a front compartment as a fruit vending cart.   
Here is a most outstanding photo of a man carting huge bags filled with recycling in Shanghai.

Then, for you urban cyclists out there, Velo Couture is an online forum for sharing favourite urban cycling photos (bicycles, trailers, baskets, panniers, etc) with you as a well-dressed rider - celebrating cycling with your own style. 

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