Saturday, September 25, 2010

Child's eye view of life

A child's eye view of the world is a wonderful thing!  Today our two-year old noticed the tiniest of snails making it's way across our picnic table.  I would never have stopped to notice it myself, but because of her keen eye for wee things, we spent a good long while watching the slow moving snail find a path.  It reminded me of a unique guided "micro-hike" I once took part in on the Bruce Trail - we used magnifying glasses to observe the nature trail from a micro point of view, and spent an hour "hiking" a distance of about 20 yards, seeing insects, ferns, leaves, and other miniature life on the ground - a completely different way to view the trail compared to most hiking trips where you go as far as you can, mostly looking up ahead to the trail or maybe scanning into the tree tops.  It's good to remember to observe carefully what is right before us.  There is much that the smallest elements of life can teach us...

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