Sunday, October 17, 2010

Felted slipper workshop

A favourite way to pass a Sunday afternoon - getting a group of crafting women together to work on a project.  Add some freshly picked mint tea from the garden, and warm breadjust out of the oven and how can you go wrong? Today's crafting session was learning to make felted slippers.  We each made a child-sized pair of slippers made of pre-felted wool (wool sweaters felted in the washing machine) with recycled leather bottoms.   Felted slippers could of course also be made with wet-felted wool, or even needle-felted, but this was a quick way to get an incredible soft, cozy durable pair of slippers.  The pattern could easily be sized up or down, and you could embellish with applique, add buttons, lengthen the ankle, etc to create a variety of styles.  I love that our two-year old can play alongside, sorting wool bits, counting pins in the pincushion, watching and helping.

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