Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Crafting - free spirited whimsical quilts

I've been steadily working away at some small play quilts and organic baby blankets, in preparation for the upcoming holiday handmade craft shows like the December 4 Stitch'n'Kitsch sale, and the Dec 11 A little bird told me craft sale.  I've never been very good at sticking to a sewing pattern, so I tend to look at books for ideas and then wing it.  My quilts are definitely not perfect, but they are honest and handmade.  They are non-linear and free-spirited, with bright whimsical beautiful organic fabrics and cozy backings, and natural fill like wool or unbleached cotton.  They will be perfect for snuggling, strollers, playtime, naptime, nursing, car rides, etc.  I've mostly been getting to the sewing late at night while our 2-year old sleeps, but  sometimes I try to sneak in some sewing early in the morning, before everyone else wakes up, just to finish off a project that is nearly done. Occasionally we work side-by-side, she sifting through my piles of fabric scraps lining them all up on the couch, choosing favourite buttons from the large button jar, unwinding spools of thread, or standing behind me on the chair to watch the sewing machine at work.   And sometimes, not much quilting gets done as we get distracted by other ideas that are not functional or necessary, but are just fun to try - like an applique dress, a special cozy for our hot water bottle, a felted scarf, a new pair of slippers, a fancy bandana for our dog, or today's miniature patchwork sleeping bags for favourite stuffed toys made of all my tiniest quilt  remnants...

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