Saturday, November 06, 2010

Rag rugs workshop

Nothing says "home" like a warm, sturdy heirloom handmade rug.  Today's homesteading workshop focussed on creating a simple yet durable rug made from recycled fabric and clothing scraps.  There are several ways to make a rag rug - braided, woven (on a loom), or by crochet.  We all worked with crochet as this was the quickest method, and, depending on the crochet skill and speed of each person, 2 hours of work could result in something the size of a large hot pad to a small floor rug - all of which could easily be added onto and continued at a later time. We used stretchy cotton t-shirt fabric, cut into long strips 1-2 inches wide, rolled up into balls for ease in working, and crocheted in the round with a 6.5-7.0 crochet hook.  Denim, old sheets, yarn, or other fabrics can also be used, each creating their own unique texture and design.  Simple, beautiful, and highly satisfying projects.  We also set up our trusty vintage non-electric treadle Singer sewing machine, to add to the rustic nature of this craft project!

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