Thursday, January 27, 2011

Great soap making workshop

Since 2007 we've been hosting workshops year-round at Little City Farm - urban homesteading, gardening, permaculture, eco-crafting, natural health, and more.  Soap making is always on the list at least two or three times, as there is so much interest from people to relearn the art and science of making natural soap, a skill which was once common practice on many a farmstead!  On Saturday we had another soap making class.  I always love teaching about the soap process and like to break the lesson into "5 crucial moments":
1) measuring/weighing, and SAP (learning about saponification values); 2) preparing your space, and lye safety; 3) trace, additives and other techniques; 4) saponification process, insulation period; and 5) cutting, curing and longterm storage of soap.  Then of course we do a hands-on component, where each participant makes their own batch of soap to take home!  And I always learn more with each class, including suggestions like using "soap calc" an online tool for developing your own recipes (so you don't need to do the complicated lye and SAP calculations yourself!).  I will be leading another soap making class at the KW Art Gallery in March, as well as another class here in October or November.  Check our workshops list for upcoming events...

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