Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January homesteading projects

What have we been upto this month?  Well, not much time has been spent on the computer since we got our 2011 workshop series posted!  Phew!  The workshops are filling up and this season is starting to look like it will full steam ahead once again.  However, winter is also our slower time to reflect on what we accomplished in the past year, learn from our mistakes, dream about new projects, read a few books, map out the garden, go through our seed catalogues and saved seed packages, sit by the fire, do a little mending, tending to the hens (they need fresh water constantly, lots of snacks, and we let them sneak into the back door of the house to warm up every once in a while on the coldest days!).  Oh, and the good news is all the hens have gotten through the fall-winter molting, have grown beautiful new plumage and are back to laying eggs - surprisingly, even in this cold weather!

Of course, with our active 2 1/2 year old, there are also lots of winter activities like evening board games, tobogganning, building in the snow, bundled up walks in the park.  She's also at the age of constantly wanting to help with new projects, like this week: our regular weekly batch of yogurt (which is incredibly easy using our new source of raw milk!), another attempt at making cheese (this time a successful mozzarella and cream cheese!), and carding, dying and felting wool (we have a new assortment of wool balls rolling around the wooden floors of this house).

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