Monday, April 18, 2011

Favourite homesteading/sustainability magazines

We do a whole lot of reading around here...we visit the library at least once a week and bring home stacks of wonderful children's books, keep our B&B stocked with books to inspire our guests, and have a hefty collection of gardening, permaculture, green building, country living, crafting and homesteading manuals on our own bookshelves.  Here are a few of the favourite magazines we've found that provide useful homesteading/sustainability/natural parenting info.  If any readers know of other similar magazines, please add a comment below.

In particular, I'm excited about Urban Farm Magazine which I've only just found and started subscribing to.  The recent May/June 2011 issue includes articles on rooftop gardens, permaculture, suburban homesteading, sustainable local economies, lasgana gardening, DIY dehydrator plans, garden bug identification, and understanding misleading food labels.

Urban Farm: Sustainable City Living
Alternatives: Environmental Ideas and Action
Organic Gardening
Permaculture Activist
Mother Earth News
Harrowsmith (the vintage 1970s and 1980s copies)
Natural Life
Yes! Magazine: Journal of Positive Futures
Utne Reader
New Internationalist 
Back Home Magazine
Small Farm
Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home
Living Crafts

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