Sunday, May 08, 2011

Permaculture Workshop

We had our annual Intro to Permaculture Design workshop here on Saturday - as always, I learn new things each time we hold this workshop as our facilitator Tracie is an excellent guide who is always adding new information based on her own learning.  She walked the participants through the basic principles of permaculture, then had each person work on a design challenge by mapping out their yards incorporating permaculture ideas in the design - thinking about zones, sun/shade, drainage, hills and valleysoffering  microclimates, other plants and buildings on site, incorporating chickens, compost, rainwater collection, ponds, etc.  Then participants had the chance to share their sketches and offer suggestions and feedback to each other.  This kind of interactive hands-on workshop is exactly what we like to see here, as there is much to be learned not only from our facilitators but also from the experiences and knowledge we all hold.

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  1. It was a wonderful time! Thank you for having us