Wednesday, June 15, 2011

These days, leading up to Summer Solstice

What's filling our days...

- digging a second pond for the extension of our greywater recycling system
- planting more French beans, yellow zucchini, oakleaf lettuce, red chard, basil, purple kale (and trying baby watermelon, one more time!)
- watering (with pressure using the pump connect to our rainbarrels), weeding, tending, mulching...
- scheming about a simple irrigation system using greywater
- harvesting first tea herbs: nettle, comfrey, lavender, chamomile, yarrow, red clover, mints, lemon balm
- making delicious cups of herbal iced tea (our favourite is chocolate mint/ginger mint/peppermint combination)
- pruning trees to make way for the expanding blueberries, mulberries and plum tree
- picking juicy ripe strawberries to savour with our breakfast yogurt
- playing with the new chicks - Sephira, Dusty, Moth and Ruby (who are not so little anymore)
- baking fresh crusty bagels, granola and wholegrain breads in the cob wood-fired oven
- researching the green living roof that we hope to install this summer (a July project?)
- enjoying volunteering a half day at Fertile Ground organic farm each week with our daughter
- making soaps and salves to keep our herbal shop stocked up
- experimenting with new recipes for homemade natural sunscreen, herbal shampoo, laundry soap, and laundry "stain stick" bars (recipes and photos coming)
- reading favourite books while snuggled together in the hammock
- washing laundry on the back porch while Maya works on art projects beside me
- napping in the tent that's set up in the backyard as a play space under our old apple tree
- taking evening walks as the sun lingers on, as a family through the neighbourhood
- watching for mama robin's nest for eggs, monarchs visiting our milkweed plants, bees busy in the herb gardens
- savouring simple hearty fare for our picnics outside every day (homemade bread, cheese, pickles, kimchi, steamed veggies, stir-fry or roasted vegetables over the campfire, and salads: just-picked garden greens salads, kamut pasta salads, quinoa salads, potato salads...)
- loving bare feet, summer skirts, sun hats, warm breezes, and this glorious June weather...happy almost summer solstice...

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