Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July garden colours

The fruit, berries, and flowers are gorgeous in the garden right now.  Purple bean flowers, red currants, yellow calendula, orange rudbeckia, crimson bee balm...and bees are buzzing everywhere we turn!

Our apples, grapes and fig are all looking full and we are crossing our fingers for a plentiful harvest this year.  We've been learning more about grape pruning (we like the Rodale organic gardener's guide), giving the fruit lots of air and light, and trying to trust our best instincts.  The next projects for this property (besides the regular weeding, mulching, harvesting, drying, preserving frenzy of this season) are the new greywater pond and the living green roof.  Hopefully these are projects that can be completed in August-September (oh, the summer is flying by)!

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