Monday, July 18, 2011

Maya's kitchen

We're so absolutely lucky to have someone in the house who has the skills (and loves) building beautiful projects out of wood - my partner, and Maya's dad - Greg!  We'd been admiring wooden play kitchens in various natural kids shops, but couldn't bring ourselves to purchase one. Yesterday's hot weather found him taking a "break" in the shade of our porch, building the most lovely play kitchen out of wood he'd been saving just for a project of this scale (left over tongue-and-groove boards from the ceiling in our strawbale house addition).  The kitchen includes a real bar-sized sink for washing dishes that can drain into a pail below.  Maya helped with passing tools, measuring boards, and checking the level...and by the end of the day, there it was, ready to fill with stacks of dishes, baskets to hold food, and her tea set.  Definitely going to be an heirloom piece we hold onto, and will get many hours of creative play.  Currently she is drying her own calendula in one basket, "curing" a few bars of soap on the top shelf, and keeping her dishes washed in the sink.   There's been a request for wool felt play food, so I'm working on that. 


  1. Karin, this is beautiful! Greg might need to go into production, because Hannah wants one now too. :)

  2. AnonymousJuly 19, 2011

    What a beautiful kitchen!

    Elliot and Emory played with their kitchen sooo much (Emory still plays in it quite a bit) and it's interesting to see how all the little children that visit our house gravitate towards it.

    There's so much room for imagination in a simple toy kitchen! (and wool felt food is perfect for it, as well as rocks and sea shells and dried beans....)