Monday, August 01, 2011

Around our little farm these days...

A nice family weekend around the farm...I love the feeling of everyone working away at their own task somewhere on the property, checking in with each other now and again for some help, or meeting up for a picnic lunch or cool drink in the shade.  Right now the garden feels a bit overwhelming, such dry soil and weeds galore, plus plenty to harvest and lots of planting to do for fall, herbs to dry and put away, garlic still needs to be hung up to cure...Then most of the weekend went to working on the new greywater system, which will be an expansion of our old wetland pond system and now will include a river and second larger pond for better filtration of our laundry and bath water.  Water has definitely been a theme around here the past many weeks - while the greywater system has been under construction we've been carrying out our bath water since the rain barrels were empty.   Finally this weekend we had rain, just a little rain, but enough to fill up our pond and rain barrels again for a few days of use.

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