Monday, August 22, 2011

Garden bounty

It's nearing the end of August, and the cool winds blowing today reminded us that fall is just around the corner. We had our picnic lunch inside the tent, not seeking shade (as usual), but instead looking for a little extra warmth!  

However, the garden assures us it's not quite ready for summer to end.  Tomatoes are still raging, zucchini still sprouting new flowers, cucumbers vining, grapes sweetening, peppers still ripening, and our wee hopeful watermelons still  forming.  We cut a large amount of herbs for drying, including an enormous basket of basil for pesto, and then headed back into the tomato beds with our harvest baskets to see what was new.  Today's prize tomato - a huge Berkeley Tie-Dye, one of the new varieties we grew this year from Greta's Organic seeds - a multistriped oversized beefsteak tomato that is luscious and rich with varied flavours.  We may only get a few of these per vine, but their size makes up for it.

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