Saturday, August 13, 2011

Right now, in our garden

Such a busy time - harvest, preserving, new planting...

From the garden right now - zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, basil, kale, chard, beans, new peas, new potatoes, first sweet lemon cucumbers (my favourite), herbs, nasturtiums, cherry tomatoes, ground cherries, tomatillos, first green peppers, hot peppers...

Today was also Market Day - Saturday!   At the downtown farmers market we picked up what we aren't growing at home - fresh local corn, peaches, and watermelon - yumm!  After visiting with a few friends and making one last quick tour through the cheese and baked goods aisles, we were gifted with the most gorgeous samples of handmade fair trade chocolate from our local artisan chocolatier, Anna Tolazzi (who happens to live in our neighbourhood!).  This morning, before we headed to the farmers market, we had re-read the wonderful book To Market To Market, by Nikki McClure, one of our best-loved authors.  Just as this book expresses, we are grateful for the harvest in our own garden, and all the dedicated growers and makers at our local farmers market.

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