Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The potential of an acorn...

What is it about acorns that I find so fascinating?  They are beautiful - intricately designed, sturdy yet delicate, each with their own markings, a compact food source, and, most importantly holding the potential to grow into an enormous oak tree given just the right conditions.  That's almost magical.  So at this time of year we collect acorns on our walks, and have a bowl of them on our table celebrating the harvest, the turn of the season, and the hopes we have for all the potential in a new growing season the next year.  This seems to be what thanksgiving should be about.  Happy harvest season everyone!

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  1. I just found your blog, and am enjoying it. We are recent transplants out of a city into the countryside. My girls like collecting acorns so much that we made acorn flour this year. It takes a lot of patience to shell them, but was a fun project to work on and read about the history of it together.