Monday, September 19, 2011

Apple Tasting

We've been trying different kinds of apples from the local farmers market, as well as from our own trees and wild foraged ones.  We've made applesauce, apple jelly, applebutter, apple pies, and of course kept lots of apples for fresh eating.  I love apple harvest season - there is such variety and abundance, colour, flavour, texture, history.  We'll be hosting the annual apple tasting event here in October, for those who live locally and want to come learn the stories of heirloom apples from our region.  Or look for apple festivals in your own area.


  1. I am curious to know the varities you have pictured :) We have an orchard with many trees that we are unable to identify their variety, one of which looks just like one in your picture :)

  2. The apples in the picture were gifted by a friend to us, but they think the yellow-ish one was a cox pippin. Not sure about the other variety - sorry!