Thursday, September 01, 2011

Kitchen projects right now

The kitchen was a lively place this week as we continued to put away the harvest for the coming winter months.  The tabletops, counters and shelves have been full, lined with vegetables and fruit waiting to be processed.  Newly harvested wild foraged apples made into apple butter, pies and apple sauce; garden tomatoes and eggplant chopped up to be slow-roasted with garlic and herbs in the wood-fired oven for a hearty winter sauce; cucumbers made into crock pickles using our favourite recipe from Wild Fermentation; grapes pressed and made into jelly; basil made into pesto and packed into jars for the freezer; peaches sliced and frozen for winter smoothies; organic raspberries picked at Organic Oasis saved for winter; hot cayennes and jalapenos tied into bundles to hang dry in the kitchen; plums into chutney...

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