Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Little Bird Told Me Craft Sale Vendor Profile: Two Cent Sparrow

Over the weeks leading upto our annual handmade holiday craft sale, "A Little Bird Told Me", on Sat, Dec 10, we are highlighting each one of the participating vendors.  Here is a short interview with Kristen Ciccarelli from Two Cent Sparrow (ceramic jewellery):

Little City Farm: Describe the products you will have at the Little Bird Sale.

Two Cent Sparrow: I make stoneware jewellery, mainly pendants and earrings. If I could sum up my designs in two words, they would be earthy and simple. My making process is done in intervals. First I cut and shape clay by hand or throw on the wheel. Pieces are then dried, glazed, and fired to cone 6 (roughly 2300 degrees). Afterwards, the pieces are finished by attaching chord, chain, or earring backs. Last, I pair finished pieces with inspiring words and phrases. I want my work to not only be wearable, but also a source of inspiration and contemplation.

Little City Farm: How did you learn this craft/art?

Two Cent Sparrow: I took classes from a few local potters about seven years ago, saved up for my own wheel and kiln, began teaching myself, set up a studio in my basement (which has recently moved to Globe Studios), and the rest is history.

Little City Farm: What inspires your craft/art?

Two Cent Sparrow: I love being able to make something out of nothing. Clay is so malleable and anything you dream up you can do, really. As for inspiration, it might sound cliché, but I’ve always been drawn to natural spaces (the woods, bodies of water, fields) and because clay/glaze is such an earthy medium, it just kind of fits.

Little City Farm: Describe how your craft/art is eco-friendly?

Two Cent Sparrow: Making pottery is not as eco-friendly as it might seem. Firing a kiln uses a lot of energy. Ingredients in glazes and clay are mined, and some are toxic in their raw form. However, I have a very low production studio. Most of my pieces are hand built instead of thrown on an electric wheel. I have a tiny kiln (4x4x8 inches) and only fire it about half a dozen times a year. I rarely do a bisque firing, which cuts down on the total amount of firings. Because of this, I don’t use that much energy or go through materials very quickly, and there’s very little waste. Moreover, I work at home or at my studio – which is a walk-able distance from my house. My products don’t get thrown away, and if broken and disposed of, they don’t have a negative environmental impact. The fact that I’m just a little business helps me to be more eco-friendly.

Little City Farm: Favourite music to listen to while you craft?

Two Cent Sparrow: It changes over time, but right now it’s Ludovico Einauldi and Zoe Keating.

Little City Farm: Do you have a website/blog/online shop?

Two Cent Sparrow:  
Yes I do! My etsy shop is here: 

and my blog is here:

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