Sunday, January 22, 2012

Soaps & Herbals!

Many new bars of soap are curing - I cure them in our strawbale addition to the house (also our living room/bedroom one-room-cabin space).  The woodstove heat helps to slowly dry the soaps, and they sit lined up on top of a series of wooden shelves.  The space smells wonderful - a mix of our favourites: pure calendula, peppermint poppyseed, patchouli cedar, lavender oatmeal goatmilk...We are also in the process of some new designing for our soap & herbal packaging and hope to have our etsy shop back up and running in the next little while... 

Yesterday was also the first soap class for this season - I am now in the sixth year of teaching soap making classes here in the community, and continue to enjoy meeting all the lovely participants who take part in our sessions.  By now there must be at least 100 people I have taught soap making to - hard to believe!  I am excited to say that the new Practical Herbalist series for 2012 is also full.  This is one herbal workshop series I have been planning for some time, and am looking forward to hosting here over the summer months.


  1. Would love to learn your soapmaking. Photos are beautiful. North Carolina may be a bit far for the lessons though. Any suggestions on where to learn?

  2. Those soaps look lovely. What is the petal on top of one of them? I have been dabbling with the idea of trying it next year. We'll see how I do...

  3. Oh my gosh ~ I am dying to learn how to make soap...I even wrote about collecting pine needles in my last post in hopes of being able to use them in making soap with them...your soap looks amazing. I found you via Verdemama. I only wish I could take your class in person...your soap looks amazing. I don't yet know if you have an on-line tutorial but I am off to investigate....that and all the other amazing recipes and tutorials you have to share...great glad to find it!